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Top 10 Automotive Light Manufacturers In India

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All vehicles have auto parts that must function as a unit. Any absence of one part will interfere with the whole system. Any car would need light in order to operate effectively during the night hours. It is always very important to have lights functioning well to make everything visible ahead to avoid accidents. When individuals buy auto lights, they also consider the aesthetics of the auto lights besides quality.

If you launch an auto lighting business, you should focus on what your clients want and what you can offer. For a reliable auto lights supply, you can source all kinds of quality car lights from these top suppliers.

1. Sunway Auto Part

Sunway logo


Sunway Auto Part was launched in 2007, since then it has proved to be one of the trusted manufactures and suppliers of auto parts worldwide. They manufacture different types of light including tail lamps, headlights, and quality is their priority always. 

Everything to do with their lighting has always come in so perfectly it’s because they know the right procedure to make them. Starting from raw material purchase to each step in manufacturing including spot welding, vacuum coating, spray, glass glue, and all parts of the assembly are keenly done with a high standard of supervision. They only consider using high-quality OEM materials and the company name stands for extremely precise manufacturing.

2. Uno Minda

Uno Minda Logo


Uno Minda was launched in 1958. It is one of India’s largest manufacturers of auto parts. Currently, it has employed over 23000 workers and is hitting over 1 billion USD turnover. UNO MINDA has more than six decades of experience, making great contributions to the auto parts market with high-quality automotive lights custom for efficiency. 

They operate over 71 manufacturing plants in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Spain, Morocco, Mexico Colombia, Germany design centers in Taiwan, Japan & Spain sales offices in North America, Europe, and ASEAN Countries.

3. Rane Holdings

Rane Holding logo


Rane Holdings manufactures auto parts for different models of any vehicle. They have a dedicated team to ensure every process runs smoothly in accordance with the rules and regulations of the company. Rane holding focuses on the quality production of automotive lights that will satisfy your needs directly. The team is focused on its vision of being a reliable, trusted, and quality supplier of Auto Components for the aftermarket.

4. HELLA India Automotive 

HELLA India Automotive


HELLA is a worldwide and family-owned company. They are currently employing over 40,000 employees in more than 125 locations in 35 countries. They are one of the best manufacturers of lighting technology and electronic components. Currently, they are one of the largest retail companies for automotive parts, accessories, diagnostics, and services within Europe. 

In 2005, HELLA India Automotive Pvt. Ltd. (HIA) was launched as a branch of HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA. Having been in operation for a longer time, they have managed to hold a bigger market worldwide.

5. Fiem Industries

Fiem Industries logo


Fiem Industries Limited is one of the top global producers of Automotive Lighting, Signaling Equipments, and Plastic Parts in India with the latest addition as Canister. Customer satisfaction is their leading principle and they are committed to achieving all customer’s needs. They provide the best quality automotive Lighting that serves their purpose well.

6. Neolite ZKW Lightings Pvt Limited

Neolite ZKW Lightings Pvt Limited


Neolite ZKW Lightings Pvt Limited was established in 1952. They have been in operation for the last 60 years and currently, they are one of the leading manufacturers of automotive lighting. Neolite has grown strongly over the past years as one of the giants in the Automotive Lighting industry. They have expanded their market base and currently, they do exports for over 70 countries across the world. They produce different kinds of automotive lights that fit in any car brand.

7. Autolite India Limited

 Autolite India Limited


Autolite India Limited is an Indian-based manufacturing company dealing with automotive lighting. It was launched in 1970 and from then, its market base has been incredible and currently supplying automotive lights to over 56 countries.

8.Lumax Industries Ltd

Lumax Industries Ltd


Lumax Industries Ltd was launched in 1945 in India. Being one of the best manufacturers both locally and internationally of automotive lighting. They serve their customers professionally worldwide with all orders being delivered on time and safely without any interference. 

9. Varroc Engineering Limited

Varroc Engineering Limited


Varroc Engineering Limited is also an Indian-based manufacturing and supplying company focusing more on automotive lighting. It was established in 1990. They design, manufacture and supply exterior lighting systems of all car brands, electrical-electronics components, and precision metallic components to passenger cars, commercial vehicles, two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and off-highway vehicles in all parts of the world. All your needs on automotive lighting will be sorted out on time and in a professional manner.

10. India Japan Lighting Pvt. Ltd

India Japan Lighting Pvt. Ltd


India Japan Lighting Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian-based manufacturer of automotive light and was established in December 1996. They have a collaboration with Koito Manufacturing Company Limited, Japan, and Lucas-TVS Limited, Chennai. It manufactures Headlamps, Rear combination lamps, and various other small lamps for automotive applications. They are well known for their quality work and dedication.


Reliable quality and good style of car lights are always popular in the market. To increase your car light sales, try to find a factory that offers customization services and guaranteed quality products. Don’t let your customers lose faith in your brand because of inferior car lighting.  Knowing what your customers want will always help you succeed in your auto parts business. Source good quality automotive lights from well-known manufacturers. For more details on automotive lights do hesitate to reach us.

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