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Best 5 Blind Spot Side View Mirror Designs You Can't Miss

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Blind spot side view mirrors are designed to expand the field of vision. A car side mirror along with the rear view mirror is designed to expand the range of vision of the driver and help them drive safely. Whether one chooses a manual side mirror or a power side view mirror, opting for a blind spot side view mirror will be a good choice for the driver’s safety. Different automotive mirror manufacturers offer different types of car mirrors. As a service provider, it is your responsibility to have different options that appeal to a larger demographic. This blog will tell you all about the best blind spot mirror designs. 

Square blind spot mirrors 

A square blind spot mirror will work like a standard blind spot mirror but with the main exception being the shape which is squared. Fog resistance is a quality that one should look for in a blind spot mirror because it is supposed to expand the field of vision and not restrict it. The adhesive and the material should be good enough that it does not fall off during the bumpy ride.

Maxiview’s HD Metal Lens 360° Blind-Spot Mirror is the best option when looking for square mirrors because of its superior quality and durable features. This mirror can be set up with a ball and socket pivot. Because of its shape and its considerable size, the driver will be able to look behind the vehicle without any problem. It is highly adjustable and tops our list because of its shatterproof design.

Square blind spot mirror
Source: Amazon


  • Expands the range of vision up to 3 times
  • 360° fully adjustable ball
  • All-weather bonding strips


  • Fog resistant
  • Shatterproof design


  • Comparatively expensive

Round blind spot mirrors 

Round blind spot mirrors are perhaps the most common types of blind spot mirror designs currently popular in the market. The shape is highly popular because it can nestle into one of the corners of the side view mirrors without causing any problem with the general functioning of the bigger convex mirror. The best part about a round blind spot mirror is that it comes in different sizes as per the need of the client and the size of their side view mirrors. 

The Fit System C0400 Driver/Passenger Side Stick-On Round Blind Spot Mirror is our pick for this category. This design is worth all the money spent on buying it. The size is big enough to detect any incoming traffic but small enough to not interfere with the general navigation practices. This mirror comes in a pack of two, so even if you feel the first one wasn’t set right and the adhesive wears off, a person can opt for the second one. 

Round blind spot mirror
Source: Amazon


  • 2 inch diameter
  • Universal fit and easy to place
  • Two mirror pack


  • Highly affordable
  • It stays in place even after continuous use


  • The diameter may be less for people who are used to a bigger viewing area. 

Rectangular blind spot mirrors 

Contrary to popular belief or misconceptions, the best blind spot mirrors are chosen as per the need of the car and the size of the original side view mirror. As the service provider, all you can do is give recommendations. The rectangular shape in the blind spot mirror will expand the viewing area, especially in larger side view mirrors. If the client has a car with polygonal side view mirrors, then it is the responsibility of the auto mirror manufacturer to recommend this option. 

The LIBERRWAY Car Side Mirror makes for a perfect addition to the car’s mirrors and gives better control of the car. Along with expanding the field of vision, this waterproof HD glass also helps in better navigation. Seeing incoming traffic on the side that might have been missed from the range of vision in the side view mirror helps avoid any accidents. This blind spot mirror is weather-resistant, so there is no reason to worry about the glass fogging over. 

Rectangular blind spot mirro
Source: Amazon


  • 360-degree rotation
  • 20-degree sway pattern
  • Adjustable


  • Easy installation, all that is needed is tape
  • Fog resistance


  • It will only suit larger-sized polygonal side view mirrors. 

Convex blind spot mirrors 

Both the interior and exterior mirrors in a car are convex. The idea behind using convex mirrors for rear view and side view is that they diminish the image to a smaller size and provide a wider viewing area. While using convex mirrors is an excellent advantage to any driver because of the convenience of viewing traffic, choosing the convex blind spot mirror will be an added advantage. 

Our recommendation as the best convex blind spot mirror is the Kitbest product combo. This pack of 2 blind spot mirrors comes in a design resembling a fan. The high adjustability and rotation of these blind spot mirrors will add to the high adjustability of the side view and rear view mirrors. It won’t take a lot of time installing this mirror because all that is required is pressure sensitive tape. This mirror is weather proof and does not deteriorate even if the car is left in the sun for a long time. 

Convex blind spot mirror
Source: Amazon


  • 30-degree sway adjustability
  • 360-degree rotation
  • 3M adhesive


  • Easy adjustability and installation
  • Weatherproof and rust proof


  • Not suited for smaller mirrors

Removable blind spot mirrors 

As much as blind spot mirrors are in vogue, they are still not a necessary addition for many drivers. There are many variables behind a driver’s decision to choose a removable blind spot mirror. Some of it might be because of the driver’s discomfort with using a blind spot mirror. The other might simply be for cleaning the car. Whatever the case may be, it is the responsibility of the automata company to provide exactly what the client needs. Removable blind spot mirrors also need to be considered in terms of the adhesive used so that they do not leave any permanent marks on the mirror. 

Amfor’s removable blind spot mirrors are our choice for this category. There are three different shapes to choose from — round, rectangular, and oval. The adhesive used for the installation of these convex mirrors in cars makes them highly adjustable, which also facilitates easy removal. The prices are competitive, so choose the brand per the budget. The advantage of removable blind spot mirrors is that they are not only adjustable but also rust proof and waterproof. 

Removable blind spot mirror
Source: Amazon


  • Ultra-thin design
  • 3M adhesive
  • Flexible convex shape


  • It has a swivel mounting bracket
  • Waterproof and rust resistant


  • Pricing might be high for some


Choosing the right blind spot mirror design will impact how one navigates the streets. The size and the thickness of the blind spot mirror matter because it should not bulge out of the casing of the side view mirror. Choosing the proper shape, diameter, adhesive, and price matter a lot. If you want to source all styles and types of blind spot side view mirrors, it is better to ask for advice from the experts. Sunway is able to help make molds and manufacture custom car mirrors. Contact Sunway now. 

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