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Car Bumper Manufacturer in China

We are one of the top automotive bumper manufacturers located in China. Our bumper products include car, pick-up truck, and truck bumpers made using high-quality durable materials that are resilient against impact. Each bumper is manufactured in accordance with OEM vehicle measurements to ensure it is a proper fit.

Aside from our standard designs, we also fabricate custom auto bumpers on request. You only need to present us with your bumper concept and we will bring it to life. We can equally source classic car bumpers or any other designs that we may not have in stock.

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We carry aftermarket auto parts for various brands with your selection, either popular or unpopular ones. Provide exact, vehicle-specific fit crafted to stringent OE standards.


Why Work With Sunway For Your Custom and Wholesale Bumper Business

For Auto Parts Factories
For Auto Parts Wholesalers and Distributors
For Auto Parts Retailers and Garages
  • High-standard Automotive Front and Rear Bumpers

    We use premium quality materials and high-precision technology to produce OE and aftermarket car bumpers that assemble perfectly with their respective vehicle models.

  • Affordable Rates

    We offer our B2B partners affordable factory-direct prices.

  • Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities

    Our Sunway production facility is equipped with best-in-class machinery and enables us to design, manufacture, and customize diverse bumper concepts in-house.

  • Wholesale Prices

    We value your partnership and in turn offer business-friendly wholesale prices.

  • Product Diversity

    With us as your automotive bumper suppliers, you are assured access to a wide variety of bumper designs for different types and models of vehicles.

  • One-Stop Services

    Are you tired of negotiating and coordinating with multiple suppliers? Choose Sunway. We offer all the manufacturing, customizing, and bumper sourcing services you need under one roof.

  • Premium Quality Bumpers

    Our aftermarket bumpers are durable and made using premium materials to perform as highly as OEM bumpers.

  • Custom Solutions

    Whether you need a unique-colored bumper, a special design, or a specific bumper material, we will custom-make it to your exact specifications.

  • Affordable Prices

    Our wholesale car bumper price is affordable and business-friendly.

  • Our Strong Supply Chain Helps to Reduce Car Bumper Costs

    At Sunway, we are passionate about offering our customers seamless all-inclusive services. To this end, we have established an extensive supply network comprising diverse automotive bumper suppliers and manufacturers. It enables us to source any unique car bumpers that you may require quickly and from a wide pool of options.

    Once you present us with your order, our team will consult with our supply partners to find the specific type of bumper you have requested. We then sift through the offers we receive to identify the best solution. If you approve of the bumper we find, we can further negotiate discounted prices and handle the purchase on your behalf.

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    OEM/Aftermarket Automotive Bumper Supply For a Wide Variety of Vehicles

    Our team comprises innovative professional bumper designers and production engineers. We harness their expertise and the resources in our world-class factory to develop bumpers for:

    • Modern Cars
    • Classic Cars
    • Trucks
    • Classic Pick-up trucks

    Can't Find The Part? We Can Custom It!

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