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Automotive Fuel Tank Manufacturer in China

Sunway Autoparts is an automotive fuel tank manufacturer based in China. We produce best-in-class OEM and aftermarket auto fuel tanks for a broad variety of vehicles and motorcycles. Our fuel tanks are designed to ensure safe and efficient fuel consumption in automobiles.

We use OEM-standard materials and adhere to their fuel tank designs specifications. You can, therefore, count on our fuel tanks to fit into their respective automobiles with ease. Additionally, we recognize that you may require custom fuel tanks for vehicle modifications or classic aftermarket fuel tanks. We thus offer comprehensive customization services in-house and reliable product sourcing services.

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We carry aftermarket auto parts for various brands with your selection, either popular or unpopular ones. Provide exact, vehicle-specific fit crafted to stringent OE standards.


Why Work With Sunway For Your Wholesale or Custom Automotive Fuel Tank Business?

For Auto Parts Factories
For Wholesalers and Distributors
For Auto Parts Retailers and Garages
  • Budget-Friendly Costs

    We have structured our production processes to be efficient and are thus able to offer you friendly factory-direct prices.

  • Premium Quality OEM and Aftermarket Fuel Tanks

    We use premium materials and high-precision machinery to ensure that we deliver accurate and high-standard OEM and aftermarket fuel tanks.

  • All-Inclusive Manufacturing Capabilities

    We are well-equipped to manufacture fuel tanks for different car and motorcycle models. We can also customize and service them on request.

  • Product Variety

    With Sunway as your automotive fuel tank supplier you are assured that you can find any of the products that your customer may require.

  • Efficient Service

    From order processing to customer support, we handle all your inquiries and requests promptly and help you find effective solutions.

  • One-Stop Services

    Partnering with us saves you the headache of working with countless suppliers. We offer all-inclusive auto parts services.

  • Top-Quality Products

    Sunway automotive fuel tanks are made to best-in-class standards and undergo extensive quality testing.

  • Custom Solutions

    Whenever your customers need custom fuel tank solutions, you can reach out to us and we will deliver exactly what they need.

  • Business-Friendly Prices

    We offer affordable B2B prices that ensure you are able to earn a rewarding profit.

  • Premium Quality Car Fuel Tanks Fabrication

    At Sunway Autoparts, quality is a major pillar of our business. Every aspect of our car fuel tank fabrication process is governed by strict quality management policies. This is evident in the premium raw materials we use, our efficient production techniques, and our selection of high-standard factory machinery.

    From time to time, we partner with cooperating factories in the industry to fulfil complex orders or tasks. We, however, evaluate the quality of their services before outsourcing any of our services to them. More importantly, all automotive fuel tanks produced in-house or sourced from partners undergo careful quality testing from our quality control department.

    Benefits of Our Sophisticated Supply Chain

    We have been in the auto parts business for 12 years. During this time, we have identified and worked with numerous top car fuel tank suppliers and manufacturers in the industry. We have first-hand knowledge of the quality of their products and have friendly working relationships with them.

    We capitalize on this extensive supply network to source fuel tanks that are hard-to-find. You only need to provide us with a sketch or specific design details of the auto fuel tank and we will find it for you. We also compare different suppliers’ products and prices to find you the best affordable solution.

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    OEM/Aftermarket Fuel Tank For a Variety of Automobiles

    Our car fuel tanks for sale include designs for different models and brands of automobiles. We offer OEM and aftermarket fuel tanks for:

    • Modern Cars and Classic Cars
    • Trucks
    • Classic Pick-Up Trucks
    • Motorcycles
    • Classic Motorcycles

    Can't Find The Part? We Can Custom It!

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