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Aftermarket Automotive Headlight Manufacturer in China

We are one of the best-in-class aftermarket automotive headlight manufacturers based in China. Our car headlights are made of top-quality materials used by leading car brand manufacturers around the world. We design and manufacture them with careful attention to detail. We ensure that they match OEM automotive headlights and deliver a great user experience.

Further, in addition to our top-notch manufacturing capabilities, we offer customization and product sourcing services. We recommend customization for unique installations that require car headlight features to be modified to achieve a specific function. However, if you need a hard-to-find car headlight, we can leverage our dynamic supply network to find it for you.

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We carry aftermarket auto parts for various brands with your selection, either popular or unpopular ones. Provide exact, vehicle-specific fit crafted to stringent OE standards.


Why Choose Sunway For Custom and Wholesale Car Headlights

For Auto Parts Factories
For Wholesalers and Distributors
For Retailers and Car Garages
  • Premium Quality OEM and Aftermarket Car Headlights

    we manufacture OEM and aftermarket car headlights that are precise, durable, and high-performing.

  • Cost-Effective Production

    our production methods are highly refined and technology-based. This reduces errors, promotes efficient use of materials and keeps our products affordable.

  • We Offer a Wide Product Selection

    we manufacture, customize, and source car headlights for a wide selection of car brands. Whatever you need, we can find you a suitable solution.

  • Efficient Service

    tired of dealing with inefficient manufacturers that take weeks to respond? Choose Sunway Autoparts. We respond to all inquiries and quote requests promptly like a true B2B partner should.

  • One-Stop Car Headlights Supplier

    whether you need automotive headlights manufactured, sourced or customized, our services are all-inclusive.

  • Wholesale Pricing

    we offer our B2B wholesale partners friendly wholesale pricing to ensure you can make a healthy profit and still sell automotive car headlights at a competitive rate.

  • Custom Solutions

    when customers come to you with unique car headlight requests, simply share their requirements with us and we will customize the headlight for you.

  • Quality Automotive Headlights

    all Sunway Autoparts car headlights are carefully tested and inspected before being shipped to you.

  • Headlights for Various Cars and Models

    Sunway Autoparts manufactures and supplies a broad variety of car headlights. With us, you are assured that you can always find what your customers need.

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    Car Headlight Customization For Your OEM/ODM Orders

    Our car headlight experts have extensive skills and experience in both the design and manufacturing of headlights. When you present us with an OEM customization request, they work to implement your design and production specifications down to the last detail.

    For ODM headlight customization, our team will examine your specifications and give advice on how to achieve the custom features that you desire. We offer numerous customization options including size, lighting color, unique surface finishes, and lots more.

    Do reach out to us with your customization requests and we will execute your vision to deliver outstanding headlight solutions.

    In-House Car Headlamp Manufacturing

    The Sunway Autoparts factory is fully equipped with machinery for all auto headlight production processes. We, therefore, perform all production processes in-house and in accordance with our stringent quality processes.

    Our production is divided into various stages that are each handled by experts that specialize in that task. First, the design team sketches the structures of different car headlight models complete with features and specific dimensions. The designs are then evaluated by our production engineers and amended, if necessary.

    Upon approval, the designs are used to make high quality molds that will be used to injection mold the automotive headlights. At this stage we use high-precision CNC machines and grinders to ensure that every design detail is captured on the mold. When the mold is ready, injection molding kicks off under close inspection to avoid errors.

    We use unique surface finishes that ensure Sunway Autoparts headlights are bright but free of glares. Our staff then polish each light by hand before passing all units on for testing, inspection, and packaging.

    Benefits Of Our Sophisticated Supply Chain

    Our sophisticated supply chain includes a broad network of auto parts suppliers that stock different types of car headlights for sale. Some specialize in vintage headlamps for vehicles and motorcycles while others are modern headlight manufacturers.

    Whenever you need an automotive headlight that is hard-to-find in the market, we capitalize on these networks to find it for you. Given our long-standing partnerships with our supply chain partners, we can negotiate discounted prices on your behalf to save you money. We also have a good understanding of the market and are thus able to find you price quotations from the right suppliers fast.

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    Automotive Headlamp Solutions For a Variety of Vehicle Models

    At Sunway Autoparts you can always find the right headlamp solutions for your customers. We provide a wide selection of automotive headlamps for different auto models including but not limited to:

    • Modern Cars
    • Classic Cars
    • Trucks
    • Classic Pickup Truck
    • Motorcycles
    • Classic Motorcycles

    Can't Find The Part? We Can Custom It!

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